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Swiss Certification

The 'Made in Switzerland' brand represents a guarantee of excellence, quality, and reliability all over the world.
Swiss Merge For You offers natural products with high quality standards, entirely made and produced in Switzerland.
The design underlying our service, all our research, and our production processes guarantee and satisfy all the requirements for Swiss certification.


Swiss Merge For You’s goal is to meet the needs of all skin types in a way that is targeted and personalized.

Your skin’s needs vary throughout the year and change over time. So it is essential to use products suited to the needs of your skin, depending on when the products themselves are applied. This is why SMFY offers the option of a periodic skin analysis to assess your skin’s needs at specific times. SMFY offers a personalized skincare routine that targets your skin’s current needs.


Swiss Merge For You is a line of highly technological cosmetics.

It contains an innovative ingredient called a Niosome. Niosomes are microspheres that contain the natural active ingredients and are able to protect them from deterioration and increase their bioavailability. Thanks to these microspheres, the active ingredients are able to exert an effective and long-lasting effect on the skin.


All our packaging is characterized by sustainability and respect for the environment.

The jars and bottles we use are entirely made of glass and recycled plastic. The product cases are made with natural Sirio Nero Black cardboard, FSC-certified mass-colored with black pigments that are highly resistant to light and totally free of Carbon Black, completely biodegradable, and recyclable.
The box for the kit is made of FSC-certified cardboard, which guarantees it is sourced from sustainably and responsibly managed forests. It is made at 0 Km, designed and built to be reassembled in reverse, thus becoming a new container ready to be reused.
Given our ambition and how important sustainability is for SMFY, we have decided to join and support the ``Stripe climate`` program, launched by the US company, based in San Francisco. Thanks to expert scientific consultants, the program allocates our revenues to projects aimed at removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, given that the removal of carbon essential to combat climate change. Any proceeds we donate will be used to fund next-generation carbon removal technologies.


We are passionate about science and believe in the power of nature.

We want to offer high-performance, safe, and dermatologically tested natural skincare products. Our formulas contain safe, controlled, and certified ingredients. We believe in the ‘clean beauty’ principle; we care deeply about the ethical production, harvesting, and use of our raw ingredients and our consequent environmental impact. Our team of experts selects only natural ingredients that are proven to be effective and safe for all skin types. Our ingredients are certified, approved, and compliant with Swiss and European standards.

Our formulas follow the ‘less is more’ philosophy, which means they are:

• natural cosmetics
• paraben-free
• silicon-free
• dermatologically tested
• not tested on animals


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