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Swiss Merge For You is the result of the innovative collaboration between a visionary
dentist and
aesthetic enthusiast, Dr. Ivano Ambrosio, and a talented aesthetic surgeon, Dr. Gaia Marniga.

This union has overcome the barriers of its core disciplines, giving rise to a common ideology that considers
skin care not only as an aesthetic goal but also as a synonym for health, well
being, and sustainability.

Throughout his career, Dr. Ivano Ambrosio has understood his patients’ increasing concern for physical appearance, in addition to their teeth. He realized that selfesteem could be significantly influenced by health and skin condition.

As a dentist, he deeply understands the inextricable link between overall health and aesthetics and saw an opportunity to create a skincare brand that marries these two dimensions.

Likewise, Dr. Gaia Marniga, with her vast experience in the aesthetic medical and surgical field, has dedicated her life to perfecting the art of enhancing natural beauty.

Well aware of the impact skincare products can have on people’s health and selfesteem, she identified a gap in the market related to the lack of effective and sustainable products

Their common goal became clear: to create a brand that embodies their expertise and offers safe, effective, and personalized skincare products, putting skin health as the first priority without forgetting the importance of safeguarding our fragile ecosystem.

They have created a multidisciplinary and unique skincare method by joining forces and collaborating with a prestigious Swiss laboratory. Using their respective professions’ precision and scientific awareness, they exploited Switzerland’s pristine natural resources. They have carefully selected each ingredient, ensuring both the effectiveness of the final product and its delicacy on the skin. They have created a versatile line of products, able to adapt to each skin type’s different needs, recognizing each one’s uniqueness, as happens in dental health.

In doing so, they have placed sustainability at the heart of their brand, at every step of the production process, reaffirming their commitment to protect the planet.

Therefore, Swiss Merge For You is much more than just a cosmetic brand: it represents an integrated approach and a joint commitment to skin health, aesthetics, and  sustainability.

Through their combined efforts, Dr. Ivano Ambrosio and Dr. Gaia Marniga have created a brand that provides personalized and targeted skincare solutions, revolutionizing how people perceive and implement their daily skincare.